As an 8 year old, Amie had once made herself a glass beaded bracelet. Her best friend fell in love with it and wanted one made with her favourite colours. After seeing the custom made piece, other friends began placing orders of their own. From that moment in time, Amie fell in love with the process of creating bespoke pieces of jewellery.

Having originally studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts with the intention of becoming a teacher, Amie soon realised that whilst teaching art was a passion of hers, she preferred making tangible pieces of wearable art.

Amie went on to complete a traditional jewellery manufacturing apprenticeship where she was trained in traditional jewellery making techniques that have been used for generations. From this training, Amie has gained the knowledge and skill to create a handmade piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime. 

With a growing list of clients and the desire to create her own designs, she decided it was time to take a leap of faith and start the journey of Amie Louise Fine Jeweller.

Founded around custom designs, engagement rings and wedding bands, in 2023 the brand has grown into offering a ready wear collection made up of timeless designs that can be semi personalised; perfect for every day wear.

One of the core values of Amie Louise Fine Jeweller is the experience she offers her clients. Amie will walk along side you in your bespoke jewellery journey, beginning with an initial concept design that is made into a wearable piece of art. Each element of precious metals and gem stones are carefully selected by Amie to produce only the finest quality heirlooms, capturing memories and precious moments in time, to be handed down through generations.

Amie Louise Fine Jeweller is a brand that captures the junction between old and new with a pinch of modern, each piece being made with integrity and strength to last a life time.

A word from Amie

I love making things, especially intricate things. For me, there’s something particularly special about redesigning heirloom pieces and creating custom pieces that are symbolic of a moment in a person’s life.